5 start-ups that are reinventing listening to music

by bold-lichterman

prizm-2017Created in 2014 by Pierre Gochgarian, Arthur Eberhardt, Olivier Roberdet and Pierre Verdu, Prizm develops a smart audio player. The principle is simple, the reader recognizes the people present in a room thanks to their smartphone. It is then able to offer a personalized playlist according to the musical tastes of the users.

Prizm is even able to suggest tracks, selected from a catalog of several million tracks. The user can then save the songs that he liked. Finally, the audio player is able to detect the time of day, the day of the week, as well as the number of people present in a room, to automatically adapt to the atmosphere.

The company funded the launch of its product through a campaign on Kickstarter, which raised $ 161,000 in 2014. It also raised € 1 million from the CM-CIC fund, the founder of Deezer, and of Xavier Niel in March 2017. Based in Paris, it currently employs 14 people.

> Angle: an intelligent player, which adapts to the music listening habits of its users.