5 new digital professions that make you dream

by bold-lichterman

Anticipating the recruitment market is part of the job of a head hunter in the same way as sourcing, qualifying profiles and meeting candidates. This is why I regularly have fun imagining the professions of the future, either by anticipating the evolution of an already existing profession or by creating descriptions from weak signals.

Civilian drone remote pilot

Drone pilots exist today in the army but the remotely piloted aircraft market will experience an unprecedented expansion, the applications of drones are endless (or almost): inspections of construction sites, surveillance, engineering, artistic shots, agricultural spreading, rescue, analysis of natural risks, mapping … The professional federation of the civil drone also estimates that the sector should create 20,000 jobs by 2020. The current revolution in image processing technologies should explode this figure by 2050 and open up this hidden job market to the general public. The site Dronestagr.am It may be the next hunting ground for IoT recruiters!

Digital transition consultant New Age

This consultant aims to make large structures as agile, creative and innovative as start-ups. A genius and visionary jack-of-all-trades, this consultant puts a big kick in the anthill and disorganizes the hierarchies to reorganize the structures on the principle of the liberated company or the sociocracy. It trains managers and employees in new digital uses, leads members of the organization to integrate new technologies by implementing the necessary tools and reviews business models so that each company is able to implement its own change management. . Finally, it teaches everyone to practice foresight so as never to be overwhelmed by technological change. Boris Sirbey at MyJob.company supports more than 15 major accounts in their digital transition.

Doctor of curiosity

This personal advisor is not only a creative resource but also a driving force in your own inspiration. By making you meet artists, great thinkers, amazing personalities, scientists; by providing you with the most inspiring readings, by creating tailor-made workshops for you, it nourishes you on a daily basis so that brilliant ideas emerge. Finally, it teaches you the subtle art of curiosity and the association of ideas, the secret weapons of the greatest innovations of all time.

Talent manager for fragmented careers

This coach supports you throughout your professional life. It helps you define the “super goal”, the one that will give meaning to your life. Then, in this logic, is able to offer you the next job that best matches your skills and talents, as often as you dream of changing jobs.

Which mission best serves your super purpose? What skill does this job give you? Can you take advantage of this to enrich your address book?

On constant watch, he is able to advise on the training courses to follow in order to change course. A true master in the art of cooptation, he does not hesitate to share his network.

Teacher in liberated school

This educational supervisor – he hates the word teacher – has for mission to support, advise, stimulate and push the students to their limits in order to allow them to learn by themselves a base of general knowledge but also – and above all – to determine the area of ​​talent of each individual and the best way to make it emerge and then to enrich it. This pedagogy allows for experimentation, learning being done ‘on the job’ by project and aims to establish relationships of mutual aid, collaboration, co-training, co-decision and co-creation.

Based on respect for each other’s intelligence, the supervisor advises without ever providing an answer, thus forming the students’ critical thinking. Finally, if the freedom of initiative is valued, it is the collective success of the structure that takes precedence over individual success. 42, the school of Xavier Niel operates according to this educational principle which could later give birth to fine examples of liberated companies.

gregory-herne-myjobcompany-22_0 (1)Grégory Herbé is the CEO of MyJob.Company, a participatory recruitment company in France. He uses his experience as a headhunter in a large firm and his gift for “networking” in the service of a new method of headhunting.

His passion for science fiction literature allows him to consider different possible scenarios in terms of the job market.