5 figures to know about the development of mobile marketing

by bold-lichterman

Following a study carried out by Salesforce, the society Wishpond offers an overview of the mobile marketing industry. According to her, after many years of evolution, 2015 would finally be the year of mobile marketing.

To this end, 5,000 marketing professionals were interviewed about their priorities in terms of business, expenditure projections, and marketing strategy. This presentation focuses more specifically on their answers about mobile marketing.

  • 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is now essential to their business
  • 68% of marketers have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy
  • 46% of marketers use several forms of mobile marketing (SMS, push notifications, applications, or other functions), after an increase of 23% in 2014, this figure therefore doubled in 2015
  • 58% of marketers have a team dedicated to mobile marketing programs, already up 35% in 2014
  • 90% of marketers generate an ROI, directly (31%) or indirectly (26%) of their mobile actions

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