5 digits to remember on Station F

by bold-lichterman

Two years after its opening, Station F is celebrating its anniversary by publishing a series of statistics highlighting the activity of start-ups housed on the 34,000 square meters of the former Halle Freyssinet, in the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris. FrenchWeb has isolated 5 figures to remember about the second year of existence of the giant campus initiated by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza.

1,013: this is the number of start-ups currently present on campus. Over the year as a whole, a total of 1,217 young shoots were supported within the walls of Station F. After France, the countries most represented in the incubator are the United States, China, Morocco, Tunisia and South Korea.

317 million: this is the total amount raised in dollars by the start-ups supported at Station F this year. In 2018, the young shoots supported by the Paris campus had raised $ 250 million. The most represented sectors at Station F are B2B SaaS, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, EdTech and BioTech / MedTech.

26.2%: it is the percentage of start-ups hosted at Station F which have achieved a pivot.

30.1 years: this is the average age of a resident of Station F. The youngest is 14, the oldest 65.

45%: it is the percentage of companies that have at least one woman in the founding team among the 5 support programs launched by Station F.