5 Chrome extensions to improve office efficiency

by bold-lichterman

Just ahead of Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome was the most used browser in France in 2015, according to StatCounter. For those who use it on a daily basis, it is possible to adapt it according to its needs thanks to extensions. FrenchWeb has selected 5 not to be missed:

  • Organize your virtual notes: Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save the pages you want to visit later, take a screenshot of the graph or table that deserves attention, share your notes with other users …
  • Make a quick watch: Feedly is what we call a curation tool, that is to say it allows you to fly over the front pages of many sites in the blink of an eye (or almost!). You just need to configure it with the monitoring sites related to the themes you want to follow, then the extension will automatically aggregate the linked pages.
  • Shorten addresses: Goo.gl URL Shortener is useful for shortening the URL of a page before sharing it on Twitter for example.
  • Secure your personal information: Blur is used to improve the confidentiality of accounts. You can create encrypted passwords and secure the backup of your bank details.
  • Avoid being tracked: Disconnect is made to escape spy cookies! Thanks to this extension, the user can view the sites that track their browsing and block their action. It also improves browsing speed.


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