[5 applications] Jolicloud, TipMeOut, Clarins, Positips, Apricot

by bold-lichterman

TipMeOut: sharing geolocated outings, Clarins is launching its My Personal Red Line application, Positips: a new mobile social network around the company, Apricot, from paper to mobile application.


Jolicloud launches its iPhone application

Launched in beta for a few weeks, the Jolicloud Me service allows you to organize and store online all the publications made by members of social networks on different platforms. In the form of files, these posts are therefore sorted by folders and categories in the cloud: images, videos, music etc … The service now offers its application on the App store.

5 applications Jolicloud TipMeOut Clarins Positips Apricot

TipMeOut: sharing geolocated outings

Launched last weekend in a free version for iPhone and Android, TipMeOut is a smartphone application for the creation and sharing of geolocated addresses and events within their circle of trust. She combines the creation of her book of the best addresses with the creation of events around them. To use it, all you have to do is enter your best addresses in your address book and encourage your friends to do the same so you can exchange tips and see their addresses without necessarily asking them. The more friends we have connected, the more suggestions we will have for addresses to test. This is the reason why, it is important to enter as much information as possible about yourself in order to find the addresses that best suit us.

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Clarins launches its My Personal Red Line application

Clarins asked Dagobert to design its mobile application dedicated to beauty advice. Baptized “My Personal Red Line” (My red thread for beauty), it offers the brand’s customers the opportunity to talk to a Clarins beauty expert and obtain personalized advice. For this, the application offers several exchange formats: written or voice messages, photos, videos, or product scan. In store, or at home, customers can also instantly view information and advice relating to each product by scanning its barcode. The Clarins application also offers consultation of the product catalog, a gateway to the brand’s M-commerce site, a Store Locator to identify the nearest points of sale at all times, or an original module called “UV Check” which allows you to identify the most suitable Clarins products according to the amount of sunshine and your skin type.

1606049843 270 5 applications Jolicloud TipMeOut Clarins Positips Apricot

Positips: new mobile social network around the company

Positips is a new free application for iPhone. Free, this application aims to unite a community around employment issues. Positips revolves around two strong elements: the sharing of useful information (the “positive tips”) and access to the hidden job market, through offers that will be posted directly by members as soon as they will be informed of vacancies in their company.

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Apricot, from paper to mobile application

The children’s magazine, Abricot, becomes an iPhone / iPad application. Developed by Chocolapps, specialist in edutainment applications, on behalf of the youth press publisher Fleurus Presse, Apricot app, goes beyond simply digitizing the paper version with the addition of animations and games. The edutainment dimension remains present in particular with “The class” which allows the discovery of the lexical field of the classroom, but also a puzzle and a blackboard on which the child can write and draw.

5 applications Jolicloud TipMeOut Clarins Positips Apricot