4G will represent 10% of mobile connections in 2017, according to Cisco

by bold-lichterman

A recent Cisco Systems study reveals that 10% of mobile data traffic will be based on 4G networks in 2017 (compared to 1% currently).


According to Cisco, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to generate 47% of all mobile data traffic by 2017, with an impressive consumption of 5.3 exabytes of data per month. It is followed by North America with 2.1 exabytes per month, then Western Europe with 1.4 exabytes per month.

Global mobile traffic is also expected to grow by 66% per year between now and 2017, reaching 134 exabytes of data. This represents approximately 46x the mobile traffic of 2010.

Finally, Cisco expects more than 1M people on the 4G network in 2017, with 3 billion mobile devices.