[4G] Orange ready to join forces with SFR and Bouygues Telecom

by bold-lichterman

In an interview given to the site Lexpress.fr, Stéphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom, declares that he is ready to join forces with SFR and / or Bouygues Telecom in 4G, in order to reduce investment costs. The boss of France Telecom specifies, however, that “both seem reluctant for the moment”.

4G Orange ready to join forces with SFR and BouyguesAs a reminder, in terms of 4G, France Telecom already currently shares its network with other operators abroad, particularly in Poland and Great Britain. Agreements should also be concluded in Romania and Spain in the near future.

During this interview, the boss of the incumbent operator also talks about the consequences of the arrival of Free Mobile, both in terms of customer leakage and in terms of subscription invoices which, under the weight of the new entrant, have been revised downwards. The man nevertheless explains that no dismissal should take place.

Stéphane Richard finally said he recently agreed with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, the marketing of the new iPhone 5, without revealing its release date.