4G antennas: Bouygues Telecom covers SFR

by bold-lichterman

The monthly reports published by the ANFR, the National Frequencies Agency, make it possible to establish an inventory of the various coverages offered by the operators.

The latest report highlights in particular the acceleration of Bouygues Telecom at the 4G level. In fact, on July 1, 2013, the operator had already entered into 1753 agreements in this area, against 1380 for Orange, 999 for Free Mobile and 853 for SFR.

However, these are only “agreements”. When looking at the antennas actually in service, Orange takes first place with 886 antennas in service. Next come Bouygues Telecom (295), SFR (285), then Free Mobile with only 14 antennas.


Photo credit: Shutterstock, millions of photos, illustrations, vectors and videos