4 superpowers to dominate the hyperconnectivity economy

by bold-lichterman

What will be the legacy left by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon? “This year, the GAFA are” only “capable of buying the three most valued start-ups in the world, against the first 50 in 2014”, explains the Gafanomics study by the FaberNovel agency in November 2015. Similarly , they occupy only 51% of our days against 55% last year. But despite these downward trends, the hyperpower of GAFA is manifesting itself at all levels. Here is the highlights of this presentation:

  • In 2014, GAFA earned $ 118 billion in revenue
  • Last year, GAFA’s market capitalization was $ 300 billion, below that of the CAC40. In July 215, it reached 200 billion dollars and now exceeds that of the CAC40
  • The GAFA weigh as heavy as States: At 700 billion dollars, the valuation of Apple exceeds the GDP of Switzerland. Likewise, at 1.55 billion users, Facebook exceeds the population of China (1.3 billion)
  • Alibaba represents 2.5% of Chinese GDP
  • Tencent’s WeChat is the number one app used in China with 600 million users in 2015
  • AirBnB lists 1.4 million rooms when the Hilton hotel chain has 700,000
  • Amazon analyzes 2.5 billion data daily, against 2,000 for the historic player in mass distribution Walmart
  • To gain market share in a world of “Gafanomics”, the company must connect to existing networks, form partnerships, co-innovate, not fear head-on competition, and differentiate itself.

More data in the presentation of FaberNovel: