4 foolproof recipes to make millions with your podcast in France

by bold-lichterman

The podcast has become the new darling of “digital” web marketing. Production studios in startup mode are launching throughout Paris and its suburbs, communication agencies are getting started, brands are asking for it. Now is the time to get started! With these few tips gleaned from the successes of recent months, you will have all the weapons you need to become the new star of the French podcast and put advertisers at your feet!

1 – do not take a risk on the form

The podcast is the media of the intimate thanks to the evocative powers of the voice. No need to bother thinking about original productions, find inspiring people and create a conversation podcast. It’s easy and inexpensive to record and edit and in addition it will boost the personal brand of the interviewer: you! The beginning of the podcast movement in France insisted on this format, take advantage of it before your customers, oops sorry we say “listeners”, get used to something better told, better produced, and more immersive

2 – Copy or pretend to copy American shows

You’ve probably heard it before, the “podcast revolution” started in the United States. However, the success of mobile audio with the general public has come from quality productions, often former radio. So go dig for ideas on the other side of the Atlantic. Podcast culture is weak enough in our regions that you will go unnoticed. Copy for example the concept of one of the most important podcasts out there, literally translate its title and go. If the quality is far from the original, no problem, no one will notice. You can also assume it and address yourself to connoisseurs of podcasts by saying that you are doing in French “this famous US podcast ours”. The “ours” is important since it allows us to respond to legitimate criticisms of the enormous differences in tone, production and interest of the original version…

3 – Mix trendy themes

To attract advertisers you will need to justify a listening volume. So take care to choose a trendy theme from the small community of podcast listeners. This will have little chance of attracting a larger part of the general public to the podcast, but it will at least allow you to quickly find a mass of listeners to promote with Guerlain or the next Avengers. Looking at recent releases, these themes are:

  • sexuality
  • feminism
  • gastronomy
  • masculinity
  • sexuality
  • personal development
  • pop culture
  • entrepreneurship
  • sexuality

Combine these themes as you see fit to stand out! If you’re a foodie porn actor who wants to interview female chefs who started their restaurant business while fighting against patriarchy, you’ve got something!

4 – Use the force of your guests’ social networks

This is of course the most important tip: only invite people with a strong audience on social networks. With the goal being to hack the growth of your podcast, delivery is the key point. No matter what you say in your conversation, the important thing is to have a snap or two sentences that the guest wants to share on their networks with the listen link of your podcast. He will look smart and above all inspiring while giving you free advertising.

Fortunately, there are some really good programs in some studios that are cost-effective and use these tips from time to time. There are also independents who try to advance the cause of audio by taking risks on the form thanks to ambitious productions by treating different subjects. We can also draw inspiration from American models in a more subtle way, without claiming filiation at all costs when we are aware of the delay that we still have on the original.

It’s a fact, a lot of brands are interested in podcasting and the money is starting to flow into the business. Notice to brands, there are things much more interesting than conversation, a simple production sometimes sold at high prices, to highlight your activities. And lots of independents have ideas that go off the beaten track to tell original stories …

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The contributor:

4 foolproof recipes to make millions with your podcast inPassionate about new uses of sound (narrative audio, 3D sound) and augmented reality, Antoine worked for 4 years on digital cultural projects for major French and North American institutions. He develops new sound experiences in various fields. Disruption Protestante is his first intrusion into the world of podcasting which allows him to offer a different and general public vision of new technologies in an American-style format still little heard in our regions …