4 billion smartphones and tablets in the world in 2017

by bold-lichterman

Mobile is eating the world… research by analyst Bendict Evans shows that mobile devices have overtaken desktops in just 5 years.

Benedict Evans, freelance digital strategy analyst, discusses this development and its consequences for the market and its players in a presentation intended for BookExpo America, a flagship conference for North American publishers starting tomorrow in New York.

The Londoner shows in this intervention the erosion of the PC market in the face of the development of mobile devices:

Steadily increasing for 10 years, global PC sales stabilized in 2012 at 350 million units, while those of smartphones have experienced strong growth for only 5 years and now reach 600 million. Touch tablets, developed from 2009, seem intended for the same development and already sold nearly 120 million units last year.

In 2013, the total sales of mobile devices would reach 1.2 billion units according to the analyst, when PC sales will still stagnate. In 2017, there will be nearly 4 billion smartphones and tablets.

Proof of these upheavals among the main market players with the gradual decline of Microsoft in the face of the emergence of Apple or Samsung, both of which represent more than 25% of the market in sales volume and a little less than 75% in value .

Benedict evans To explain this change, mentions the advantages of mobile devices: the ability to connect from anywhere thanks to network innovations and the multiplication of functionalities.

He finally puts forward four web giants who are according to him the “Four Horsemen” of the market … Apple, which dominates the competition in terms of hardware (80% of traffic on tablets comes from iPads) and Google, Facebook and Amazon which are representative of the emergence of new functionalities with, for example, geolocation, social networks or e-commerce.