3D conference call: Voxeet raises $ 1.5 million from Partech Ventures

by bold-lichterman

The startup publishes a 3D audio conference solution

Based in San Francisco and Bordeaux for its research center, the startup Voxeet, which publishes a high-definition and 3D audio conference service, has completed a funding round of $ 1.5 million (1.09 million dollars). ‘euros) from Partech Ventures, as leader of the operation, with the support of Kima Ventures (Jérémie Berrebi and Xavier Niel), Aquiti Gestion, Oleg Tscheltzoff (CEO and founder of Fotolia) and Jacques-Antoine Granjon (founder of Vente-privee.com). Kima Ventures took a ticket of 150,000 dollars and Jacques-Antoine Granjon invested 100,000 dollars according to our information.


“99% of the companies we know use WebEx (a videoconferencing solution, editor’s note), an old tool, developed in java and bought back more than a billion dollars by Cisco, but which has not changed for years »Explains Jérémie Berrebi, contacted by Frenchweb.

Thanks to its 3D sound technology, Voxeet allows its users to place their interlocutors around a table and receive the sound of their voices from their respective positions (in front, behind, to the right, to the left, etc.). “It is clearly a software of conference call, no videoconferencing. At Kima, we like projects that address already existing needs, ”he adds. The “sound processing as well as its cloud infrastructure completely disrupts the teleconferencing experience” according to Romain Lavault of Partech Ventures.

Essentially mobile-oriented, Voxeet launched its first version during DEMO Spring 2012. It offers, in addition to high definition encoding, a reduction in background noise and a reduction in echo. Available on the AppStore and Google Play, a conversation can quickly be transferred from one device to another.

Photo credit : Flickr Pierre Metivier (Creative Commons license)