$ 30 million for mobile meditation

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Headspace, a Californian start-up specializing in meditation, has just raised $ 30 million (€ 26.8 million) from several investment funds, including The Chernin Group and Advancit Capital, and figures like Jessica Alba , Jared Leto, Ryan Seacrest and Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), report TechCrunch.

The concept

Founded in 2010 by Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, Headspace publishes a web and mobile meditation application. Once downloaded, users can access a whole series of programs on several themes: health, performance, relationship, etc. These are also available offline on mobile phones and tablets.

The first contents are available for free to allow users to test the application. The company then remunerates itself by marketing access to additional training in the form of subscriptions ($ 9.95 per month for the standard offer without commitment). On its website, the company claims more than 1 million users, but it is not specified whether they are members who have subscribed to a subscription.

The market

However, the company must rely on competition from other players positioned in this market. Among these are Happify, which raised $ 5 million this year, or the Calm application. In France, the start-up Petit Bambou also offers 10-minute meditation sessions. It claims to have 100,000 users.

Founders: Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe

Creation: 2010

Market : meditation app

Funding: $ 30 million raised (September 2015)

Competitors: Happify, Calm …

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