30 entrepreneurship lessons learned in 6 months

by bold-lichterman

It has been six months since I started entrepreneurship. Six months is perhaps not enough to provide feedback, you tell me. And yet, thanks to this human and professional experience, I learned about human relations, the world of entrepreneurship and above all, about myself. I summarize these learnings in 30 lessons, which are useful to me today, and which, I hope will be able to be useful to other entrepreneurs.

Accept uncertainty

30 entrepreneurship lessons learned in 6 months

  • Nothing is ever acquired

First lesson in entrepreneurship: the precariousness factor. We will always make great promises of missions, but between the time we compliment you and the time you sign a contract, months can go by. And even after signing up, keep in mind that nothing is a given in entrepreneurship. So always be careful.

Human first

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An essential thing in entrepreneurship is to surround yourself well. Easy to say you will tell me. But it is very important for your success. AVOID scammers, scammers and surround yourself with people you trust (who can be your family, your friends, your spouse or other loved one). You will need support in your projects, so start by surrounding yourself with those you already trusted before starting.

In entrepreneurship, more than in other fields, you have to REALLY trust your intuition. Can’t you feel it? Don’t ask yourself questions, don’t go. If you don’t feel it, it’s because in your head, there is a little alert that has been triggered and that says “MAYDAY” so listen to the alert and run away. On the contrary, if you feel the feeling with your interlocutor, or with a project, go! How many people say to themselves too often “I should have listened to my intuition”…. So don’t be one of those people and follow your intuition!

Mastering personal branding

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  • Inspire confidence (and talk about yourself)

The magic recipe for having clients is to inspire them with confidence. To do this, be transparent about your entrepreneurial project (your social networks, your website): display customer testimonials, produce content, show what you are capable of! Work on your personal branding and customers will come to you.

To be inspiring, you have to be inspired. Read articles, listen to podcasts, watch TEDx, any way is good! Listening to the journey of other entrepreneurs who have gone through the same difficulties as you, or who have life lessons to share, is good to take. So keep your ears open, and you too will become inspiring!

Get organized

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Your professional life will become a huge mess if you don’t take charge of it. Get organized, plan your tasks and allow yourself some leeway to deal with the unexpected, because by definition, it happens when you don’t expect it. You must have a document that lists all the things you have to do per week. Trello is a great tool for this, with its list system.

Your days must be punctuated by rituals that will allow you to improve your productivity. Sport, meditation, content production, or even the organization of daily tasks for example.Ban self-flagellation

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You have advanced, you do not see it because you have your nose in the handlebars, but you have advanced. See what you’ve done instead of always looking at what you have to do. Yes of course, you still have tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve, but luckily! Because otherwise you would have no more projects, you could no longer evolve or learn. And that would be terrible. So once that is said, look at what you have accomplished and remember where you started from.

Osama Ammar used to say “when you compare yourself, you compare your inside to people outside” and he is right! You compare yourself to the incomparable, on the surface of people. Compare yourself to yourself in retrospect, you will see the progress. But don’t compare yourself to other routes that are very different from yours.Collaborate

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  • Choose mutual aid over the competition

You are surrounded by entrepreneurs from the same industry as you. Sometimes even from the same trade. But did you think they could be your partners? Two entrepreneurs may have the same technical profile, but they will all the same have different specificities. Creating a community in your sector of activity can allow you to exchange missions, and thus make you benefit from the missions of your partners.

You don’t know how to do?Take the plunge

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  • Produce content, even short

To exist as an entrepreneur, you have to have added value. This appears in the content that you will produce. Article, video, podcast… whatever! And no, it won’t be perfect at first, it may not even be read, but you will have more chances to come close to perfection with a trial run than with a one shot. So produce content, even short, communicate, accept criticism and feedback.Apple-converted-space “> At worst it doesn’tNot to be dependent

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Are you offered a mission paid for three francs six sous with compulsory presence at the other end of Paris? Are you sure this mission would serve your reputation? We would quickly call you a “low cost” freelance. Most importantly: does she respect your values?Apple-converted-space “> When you start, you need to have a cash flow the time to train your customers. During downturns, you also need medium-term cash flow to carry out quality missions.

See far

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Invested in training, invested in equipment, invested because it is essential. The investment is not money lost, but money that you will find later thanks to the fruits of your labor. For my part, I invested in a LiveMentor training that I do not regret and which really helped me get started in entrepreneurship! The investment is the little boost that will help you take off.

Yes it is possible to make a good living from it, but you have to affirm your price and not denigrate yourself with a price that is too low. Consider offering packages that are a win-win solution with your client.Apple-converted-space “> fault, or was it linked to criteria that escape you? You may be experiencing failure now, but is that a reason to question your legitimacy and your entrepreneurial journey? So get up and move on.

Everything is going well? It’s not sufficient! You need an entrepreneurial vision. What are your next challenges in the coming months? You have to see far to move forward. Be ambitious, set yourself challenges and prepare for them now. Do you dream of doing a TEDX? Start by intervening in smaller structures now. Do you want to be published in a major newspaper? Start blogging today. You don’t grow up overnight, you grow from your experiences.

Zoom out

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  • Develop side projects

Your main activity is 50% of your working time. The rest is prospecting or networking, but also time to carry out parallel projects that will enrich your main activity. Creating a community of entrepreneurs in your field of activity, volunteering for a project that makes sense, are examples of activities that will boost your main activity, thanks to a step back.

  • Keep a place for non-entrepreneurial activities

Undertaking takes time, that’s for sure. But there is life next to entrepreneurship. A social life that goes beyond networking aperitifs. A social life with your non-entrepreneur friends, with whom you can talk about other things. Also remember to save time for a sporting activity. Sport boosts the body and the mind. So let off steam.

To be confident

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  • Cultivate the luck factor

“Luck respects those who respect ”according to Navo. And yes, you will always bounce back from failure if you keep good entrepreneurial habits. Work, cultivate your network, produce content. For Navo, life is an opportunity: you should never do things by halves, because the day when luck smiles on us, we risk missing an opportunity, quite simply because we lacked rigor.

Be patient, doing things takes time. You will not see the fruits of your labor immediately. The effort is immediate, the comfort is delayed. Patience is a quality that will allow you to manage stress and leave room for the unexpected (in a good sense). When you understand that it is not useful30 entrepreneurship lessons learned in 6 monthsConsultant in digital communication, Yeza Lucas put today sskills in community management and content production at service of companies focused on social innovation.

From this same perspective, she likes to write articles that make you think about current or future changes in society. Sher literary background and her studies in political science have enabled her to have editorial ease that she puts at the service of the subjects on which she writes.