3 questions for … Sébastien Berten / The Backelite agency deploys the DigiTab application on board IDTGVs

by bold-lichterman

The Backelite agency, specializing in the design, conception and development of services for mobiles, tablets and connected televisions, recently announced the deployment of the DigiTab application on board IDTGVs. FrenchWeb comes back, in three questions, to this device with Sébastien Berten, CEO of the agency.

[FW] What services does the DigiTab application offer to travelers?

Sébastien Berten: “It offers a full range of media, regularly updated, aimed at the whole family: recent films and cartoons, music, press, novels, games, radio podcasts, TV shows or even practical information on iDTGV. The traveler also has the possibility of personalizing the content according to his mood, his profile and his journey time. “

[FW] How can travelers access and use these services?

Sébastien Berten: “This entertainment platform is initially deployed on more than 300 Toshiba Android tablets, on board iDTGVs departing and arriving at Paris Gare de Lyon. These touch pads are available for booking when purchasing the ticket on the internet, or directly on board iDTGVs for 10 euros. “

[FW] Has the Backelite agency developed other similar services for other large groups?

Sébastien Berten: “No, it’s a new type of innovative service in the field of transport. The Backelite agency, a specialist in France in the design of multi-screen services, is generally a pioneer in new uses, innovation having been in its DNA since its creation. Our added value for our customers is precisely to enable them to benefit from a “first mover” ticket by setting up services that have never yet been implemented. “