[3 questions à] THECALLR: “Call tracking is the best way to optimize marketing campaigns”

by bold-lichterman

the-callrLaunched in 2011, THECALLR is a telecommunications operator based in Paris and New York, a pioneer in intelligent voice and SMS solutions. THECALLR offers the integration of voice and SMS in professional tools thanks in particular to a JSON API.

The goal is to allow companies to automate the management of calls and SMS (incoming and outgoing) as well as to optimize their campaigns with the call tracking. The solutions offered by THECALLR are available through a API, hosted web applications or CRM connectors.

FrenchWeb: In recent years, many companies have put aside the telephone channel to focus on web applications. Were they right?

Taoufik Zagdoud, CEO of THECALLR. Credit: THECALLR.

Taoufik Zagdoud: All recent studies show that over the last ten years, the uses of the French have not changed much, despite the democratization of the Internet. In 2013, 84% of French people said they preferred to use the phone to contact a business. Prospects prefer human contact because they like to be advised and reassured before a purchase. Phone calls therefore provide better leads and the development of mobile phones is certainly no stranger to this observation. The THECALLR API allows you to create a link between the web world and the telephone.

With 70% of trade taking place by telephone, it has become essential for companies to analyze all incoming calls from the various media on which they communicate. To date, the call tracking is the best way to optimize their marketing campaigns as it provides businesses with detailed traffic statistics ” offline »(Origin of the call, time of call, duration, support, etc.).

In addition, we offer a solution of click-to-call (direct call button from a web page) to encourage users to contact the company for free via the telephone channel.

FrenchWeb: How do you meet the needs of businesses?

Voice and SMS are the two preferred communication channels for users, particularly mobile users. This is why we have chosen to facilitate the integration of voice and SMS. With the explosion of mobile phones and the penetration rate that we know, the SMS market has become a privileged way of relating to customers and prospects. No other means of communication achieves an average reading rate of 95% within three minutes of receipt.

We address all companies regardless of their size or working methods thanks to:

  • a API for all companies with technical resources capable of coding and integrating the functions of what we offer (sending and receiving calls or SMS, audio conferencing, click to call or call tracking);
  • of web applications accessible from a browser for call tracking, the distribution of voice messages or bulk SMS;
  • of CRM connectors to directly integrate our solutions into the “Workflow” of the company (in particular ZOHO CRM).

The API is the solution that gives the most flexibility to the company in management and integration, without having to develop and maintain a telecommunications platform.

FrenchWeb: How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors in the professional telecommunications market?

The first difference, compared to most of our competitors, concerns our status as an international telephone operator. The latter allows us to be independent both in terms of technique and prices. By controlling the entire production chain, we have complete freedom to adapt to the needs of our customers wherever they are in the world. This also allows our customers to benefit from very responsive technical support without intermediaries.

Our position as a single interlocutor allows us to reach all types of companies by offering an API, Web applications and CRM connectors.

The API also allows our customers to resell our white label solutions, which may be of interest to digital agencies, IT services companies or integrators who would like to offer them to their end customers, in a completely transparent way.


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