[3 questions à] Pretty Simple: “The video game industry is in the policy sights”

by bold-lichterman

Yesterday, the Ministers of Culture and the Digital Economy formalized the constitution of a working group which aims to support the creation of video games “made in France”.

The entity will bring together members of the National Video Game Syndicate (SNJV) chaired by Nicolas Gaume and the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL).

Frenchweb looks back, in three questions, on the issues of this new device with Serge Versillé from the start-up Pretty Simple, present at the meeting.

[FW] Are you satisfied with this initiative?

Serge Versillé: “Yes, for us this is good news. This shows that the video game industry is well in the policy sights. This working group also gives the floor to small entities. We have also felt real recognition of the quality of the work carried out in France. Strong words were used to underline the government’s support for the sector. In addition, we had the feeling of a real awareness of the challenges facing market players, whether mobility issues, free-to-play or even social media. Perhaps only one regret on the creative aspect. We have the impression that politicians do not yet realize the full importance of game mechanics, which can sometimes be a real innovation in itself. “

[FW] What mechanisms will be put in place?

Serge Versillé: “The government’s action should revolve around four main areas: innovation, competitiveness, training and attractiveness. Fleur Pellerin indicated that the tax mechanisms would be studied as a priority, during the summer, so that they can integrate the 2014 finance bill. Today, we see above all that the current mechanisms are not necessarily adapted to a very agile and constantly evolving sector. For the time being, no work schedule has been put in place, but we believe that informal meetings, in which the various members of the two unions will participate, will be organized quickly.

[FW] What point appealed to you the most?

We attach great importance to training. Currently we are around forty employees and we intend to double our workforce in the long term. However, recruiting talent in the sector is still difficult. Knowing that the government wants to meet this need could have a real positive impact for us. The issue of training is a central issue for the development of the sector in France. Aurélie Filippetti also underlined that the video games sector made it possible to give back its place to young people in economic life.

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