[3 questions à] Jean-René Alonso, Remmedia: “We must support the consumer with telephone contact”

by bold-lichterman

66% of French people say they attach importance to human contact according to an Ipsos survey.

Jean-René Alonso is president of Remmedia, the publisher of Optico.

Frenchweb: What is the solution offered by Remmedia?

Jean-René Alonso : Optico is a Call Tracking solution developed and distributed by the telephone operator Remmedia. As a telephone operator, Remmedia – created in 2009 and generating a turnover of 31 million euros – allows Optico to have a wide range of telephone numbers (geographic or surcharged numbers) and to set up a team dedicated to the project. We target companies or websites for which connecting by phone is an essential part of the activity.

Call Tracking is a technology used to analyze incoming telephone calls from on-line and off-line advertising media in order to monitor communication campaigns, optimize advertising investments and control their conversion rate. . Adapted to all types of businesses, Call Tracking is the only technology that tracks incoming phone calls: call status, duration, geolocation, keyword, visitor path, etc. This solution is particularly suited to companies whose objective of communication campaigns is to generate telephone calls (ordering, booking, establishing contact, etc.).

The Optico Call Tracking solution can also be plugged in with Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts in order to maximize visibility on the Internet user’s journey and to facilitate the management of Adwords campaigns. The dedicated team is able to offer the optimal solution according to the context of each client and advise them on the most suitable technical and strategic choices. It is made up of 11 people including:

  • 4 developers: they ensure the proper functioning of the interface and its constant development in order to constantly optimize the functionalities of the interface and meet customer expectations;
  • 3 account managers: they ensure the implementation as well as the follow-up of each client contract. Importantly, each of our customers benefits from a single point of contact, who manages all requests, provides solutions and ensures coordination with the departments concerned.


Frenchweb: What changes can we expect?

We launched our Call Tracking solution in September 2013. After having presented it at the 10th edition of the Paris e-commerce fair, where we were able to meet many professionals in the sector, we are now seeking to assert our position. through the implementation of a reseller offer intended for on and offline, digital, SEO / SEM communication agencies and software publishers.

At the same time, our team of developers is already working on an evolution of the OPTICO interface, which will offer our customers even more advanced functionalities, particularly in terms of e-commerce. . . but patience.

Frenchweb: What is your positioning on the market? Your difference?

Our difference lies, firstly, in our status as telephone operator, allowing us to offer a wide range of telephone numbers (toll-free number, geographic number, Audiotel number…), To optimize our prices. and ensure technical follow-up.

We have also developed the OPTICO Call Tracking solution internally, which gives us perfect knowledge of the interface and significant technological responsiveness. In addition, our highly successful Call Tracking solution has an intuitive interface and provides access to many features. Finally, we differentiate ourselves through our price strategy, which allows our solution to adapt to all types of structures according to its needs and its rate of telephone conversions.

The Optico subscription costs € 19.90 / month. Our commercial policy is to practice attractive prices so that all companies and all advertisers can be equipped with the Optico solution.

Frenchweb: How can your solution be adapted to e-merchants?


In the age of e-commerce, telephone contact must be valued. According to a Credoc study, published in October 2012, on the consumption habits of French people in distance selling and on the Internet, 69% of French people buy at a distance (Internet, catalog, telephone). If the Internet is the channel most often used, the telephone remains necessary in a customer support strategy.

According to an Ipsos poll published on Monday April 29, 2013, “the French fear living in a dehumanized and disembodied world (…). They seek to be accompanied more and more in their acts of purchase, especially when the price is significant ”. Two in three French people (66%) say they are attached to human contact when buying and like talking to sellers. A trend that has been strengthening since the start of the crisis with consumers who need more reassurance. Thus, at a time when e-commerce is exploding, we believe that to develop the conversion rate of online sales sites, it is essential to support consumers during their purchasing process by enhancing telephone contact.