[3 questions à] ForgetBox: “We are launching a campaign on Kickstarter to produce Plug”

by bold-lichterman

Plug is a mini-storage connector developed by the French from ForgetBox, a start-up trying its luck in the US

a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Target: to raise more than 50,000 euros to be able to produce and market the first 1000 units of Plug, a mini data storage connector. Séverin Marcombes, CEO and co-founder of ForgetBox:

[FW] Can you come back to the creation of ForgetBox?

Séverin Marcombes: “I imagined ForgetBox on my own two years ago. Originally, the objective was to create a very easy-to-use solution dedicated to the general public allowing to send files and in particular photos. I was then quickly joined by my partner. We were selected to join Le Camping where we very quickly started a pivot to go further. Rather than making a new Dropbox, we wanted to correct the problem at the base. We all have a battery of devices, but each offers different storage memories. So we imagined a small electronic device that we called Plug because it looks like an electrical outlet. This allows data to be stored and synchronized without being limited by the size of the memories offered by the different media ”.

[FW] Concretely, how does Plug work?

Séverin Marcombes: “The small device connects to the home internet box, then users can connect as many hard drives as they want to increase the storage size. In our opinion, the classic cloud has several drawbacks: it is not private and is much more expensive than traditional hard drives at the price per gigabyte. Our system therefore makes it possible to store its data but above all to synchronize it.

For example, if you make a modification on a document located on your computer’s desktop, you will be able to find this same document with the modification saved on your iPad. Accessible from a dedicated application, the document will also be on the desktop. No need to move it to a specific folder like on Dropbox. “

[FW] Why did you choose to carry out a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter?

Séverin Marcombes: “We chose Kickstarter because it is a precursor which benefits from much higher traffic. It is also a way to make us known in the American market where domestic cloud services have already been developed. This is for example Space Monkey, which however does not offer the synchronization function. In total, we are looking to raise $ 69,000, or just over € 50,000. This is the minimum amount requested at the factory to start producing our 1000 units. We anticipate marketing for the end of 2014 at a price of 53 euros. Subsequently, we expect a sale price of 149 dollars in the United States. We favored crowdfunding to prove to ourselves that the product could be of interest. The idea is also to get the product to market quickly. Because, beyond raising funds, a campaign on Kickstarter also allows us to communicate. Finally, this will allow us, subsequently, to approach venture capital investors more easily. “