[3 questions à] Djamil Kemal: “Lexis Numérique seeks to raise at least $ 230,000 on Kickstarter”

by bold-lichterman

After its title Alt-Mind, which brought together some 200,000 active players, the Lexis Numérique studio is concocting a new game, this time called Taxi Journey. To finance the development of this new experience, Lexis Numerique has opted for crowdfunding and more particularly for the Kickstarter platform. Launched just a few hours ago, the campaign has so far raised nearly $ 3,600 (€ 2,750) from 177 internet users. The game should be available in September 2014. Details of the device with Djamil Kemal, marketing director.

[FW] Why did you choose a crowdfunding campaign to finance this title? And why not have gone to the French platforms Kisskissbankbank or Ulule?

djamil-kemal_ok_portrait JPGDjamil Kemal: “This is the first time that we have used crowdfunding. The general idea is to be able to remain both innovative and independent. We have seen that many publishers are developing a certain amount of reluctance towards innovative games. They often favor more classic titles on which it is easier to assign a label or a categorization. A campaign on Kickstarter also allows us to create a link with our community and we are convinced that the many feedbacks will allow us to offer a quality game. As for the choice of platform, it is simply a question of numbers. On Kickstarter the amounts are really higher with campaigns that can reach 3 or 4 million euros. Also, as a user, I find that the Kickstarter platform offers better features and a better back office to manage the community. “

[FW] So you are looking to raise $ 230,000, or 176,000 euros?

Djamil Kemal: “More exactly, we are trying to raise at least $ 230,000. This is a first objective, a first step. If we manage to pass this milestone, we will be able to develop more features and develop the title on a greater number of platforms. In exchange for their financial participation, Internet users will be able to preview the game at a preferential price of 25 dollars (19 euros). Other rewards are also offered, for example the possibility of staying a few days with the teams in the Parisian studio. Today, 8 people are involved in the development of the new title which, in the long term, should bring together 20 employees ”.

[FW] In which universe will Taxi Journey players be able to evolve? And on what types of platforms?

Djamil Kemal: “It will be a fairly dark universe, a bit like Tim Burton with inspirations from Japanese Myasaki. This is the story of Gino, a pretty dumb guy who is a taxi driver. He has no money and is forced to pedal and carry his clients on his back. He will meet a little girl, Zoe, who has magical powers and full of surprises. Both will live adventures! It is therefore a game at the crossroads of the adventure game and the puzzle game. We plan to deploy the game on PC and Mac, then if the money raised allows us to do so on Linux, Android tablets and iPad. Some people have asked us about the Wii U but we haven’t given it any thought yet. “