[3 questions à] Bruno Walther: “Captain Dash could complete a new fundraising before the end of the year”

by bold-lichterman

The decision support solution for CMOs was created by Gilles Babinet and Bruno Walther. It is available on iOS.

Imagined by Gilles Babinet, ex-president of CNNum and Digital Champion in Brussels, and Bruno Walther, the Captain Dash solution makes it possible to synchronize all the elements that impact purchasing behavior (data, internal and external information flows, predictive analyzes), and to create dashboards for manage marketing operations.

After several years of development and fundraising of 1.5 million euros, application launched on iOS just over a month ago, after a Windows 8 version that had generated 30,000 downloads. Without wanting to communicate on a specific number of downloads, the co-founders specify that in the space of a week, the iOS application has already been “featured” by Apple in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands . Objective: to be in the top 10 worldwide in the business category on both iPad and Windows 8.

Frenchweb looks back in detail on the business model and the next development axes of this young start-up, with Bruno Walther, met in 2010.

[FW] Today, who are your main customers and what about your business model?

Bruno Walther: “We are focused on marketing and we generally go to CMOs. Our solution is used, among others by L’Oreal, Pages Jaunes, GDF Suez and Mediamétrie. We have implemented a SaaS mode. Customers pay setup costs and a monthly license fee. (Editor’s note: the average cost of the solution would amount to 1,500 euros per month and per brand) We opted for a freemium version so that prospects can discover a minimalist version of the application and achieve relevance on their own of the concept. “

[FW] Several months of development were necessary to perfect this solution. How many employees do you have and what are their profiles?

Bruno Walther: “Today we have around thirty employees, split 50/50 between France and Tunisia. These are essentially the resources allocated to the R&D of the product. Our team is mainly made up of data scientists and Big Data engineers whom we recruit after graduating from major schools (X, Mines, etc.). “

[FW] Are you planning to expand internationally with a particular country? A new fundraising in sight?

Bruno Walther: “We believe that Captain Dash’s“ play ”is in the United States. We are launching our operations there. We are finalizing the signing of our first clients and already have an employee there. Gilles Babinet (my partner) now spends a lot of time on planes.

With a dry product that meets the dashboarding and data management needs of marketing departments, we are moving to a new stage in society. The massive commercialization of the product and the expansion of the company. And to support this ambition we will probably complete a fundraising before the end of the year. “