[3 questions à] Botify: “we must now integrate data and mobile into SEO strategies”

by bold-lichterman

Botify is an application that provides SEO managers with the information they need to optimize their web referencing.

Frenchweb: What are the trends in terms of traffic acquisition and SEO in 2015?

Adrien Ménard, CEO of Botify

Adrien Ménard, CEO of Botify : The real change regarding SEO is that the vast majority of advertisers are now very well organized to “industrialize” SEO processes and take advantage of them. Advertisers now have one or more highly qualified people internally and are equipped with specific tools (such as Botify for structural aspects and crawl or like SEM Rush, SearchMetrics, My poseo etc. for positioning).

Apart from saving significant time, these tools make it possible to base SEO strategies on reliable, constantly updated data and therefore to more easily calculate the ROI associated with optimizations. Today, it is really complicated to progress in SEO without integrating the “data” component into the team’s DNA. Mobile is also another hot topic with an important update planned by Google at the end of April.

To what extent are these tools complementary to the data provided by Google tools like Webmastertools?

The tools offered by Google such as Webmastertools are and will remain essential. However, they have a number of limits around 2 main points:

  • 1- they only concern by definition the pages which are known by Google. However, many pages of websites are unknown to search engines and represent real growth opportunities for advertisers;
  • 2- the data are often presented in a “macro” way without the possibility of segmenting the URLs or averaging over periods.

From my point of view, data takes on its full value only if it can be manipulated by the person who is going to use it and if we can follow developments day by day. These points are absolutely imperative when choosing your SEO tool.

How does the Botify application respond to these issues?

Our app is already used by over 6,000 SEOs or traffic managers in the world (including sites like Yellowpages, Dailymotion, Expedia, Blablacar, Sarenza or Oscaro etc ..).

I think our customers choose Botify because the application allows them to meet their daily challenges such as:

  • analyze the structural SEO strengths and weaknesses of the site (unnecessary pages, internal linking, quality of pages, etc.);
  • find out if the site is actually understood (crawled) by search engines;
  • discover which pages represent growth opportunities because they do not or not generate enough traffic versus search potential.

The application therefore responds well to the trend of internalization and the tools mentioned above and works regardless of the size of the site (which is another significant advantage).