3 new apps to discover: Tweetreach, Whoosh and Jimdo

by bold-lichterman

Zoom on Tweetreach, a Twitter analyticsWhoosh, or the end of PV? … With Jimdo, e-merchants can now manage their store even far from their computer …

Tweetreach tracks tweets

Tweetreach is a kind of Twitter analytics. So far, nothing very new, we already know Twittcounter, tweetstats or crowdbooster. But what makes Tweetreach unique is that it focuses more on the content and reach of tweets than on the popularity (or not) of users. Here the goal is not to increase the list of followers, but rather to know who we are addressing and with whom we must get in touch.

Thanks to a search bar, in which you enter for example the name of your blog, or your company, the tool is able to identify all the accounts that have received a tweet on this subject in the last seven days: it is the “reach” function of the app. A second function, “exposure”, allows you to determine how many accounts have tweeted or retweeted a message containing the famous name.

Tweetreach sums it all up in a report based, in its free version, on about fifty tweets. The professional version of the application provides access to additional information about the most active users.

Whoosh or the end of tickets?

Whoosh is a mobile “parking solution” that can be downloaded free of charge from Google play or the app store.

This application allows the user, once geolocated, to reserve his parking and pay for it online via his smartphone. No need for tickets therefore, and once parked and far from his vehicle, the user can still go through Whoosh to extend the duration of his parking, with an extension. Back home, he finally has the opportunity to print all his parking tickets, issued online.

Imagined by Parkéon, which has been experimenting with mobile parking payment for several years, Whoosh is currently only used in four cities in France.

Manage your website from your iPhone with Jimdo

Six years after launching into the creation of free websites for individuals and professionals, the Jimdo company has observed that a quarter of its users connect via their iphones or ipads.

The three co-founders, based in Hamburg, therefore decide to launch a mobile application, available for free since August 22. on the App store.

It allows users to create and manage their site directly from their iphones or iPads.