3 new applications to discover: Wibbitz, Vite Ma Hotline and CrowdRoaming

by bold-lichterman

Articles transformed into video clips thanks to Wibbitz… Easily contact all customer services with the interactive directory Quickly My Hotline… Avoid the costs of roaming abroad by sharing on CrowdRoaming… Focus on 3 new applications.

Wibbitz, or how to read newspapers as video clips

Developed by the eponymous start-up, the Wibbitz application is based on “text to video” technology, which allows mobile users to consume the written content of their favorite sites in the form of videos.

The application can transform any article into a small video clip mixing images, texts and colorful infographics. Created in 2009 and based in Israel, Wibbitz surfs on the new uses and growing popularity of online videos. The start-up hopes to make its technology indispensable for brands wishing to optimize their content on mobile.

Vite Ma Hotline, an interactive directory of all customer services

The Vite Ma Hotline directory lists approximately 1,200 customer service numbers. The sectors covered range from telecommunications to insurance, including e-commerce, transport and energy.

Organized by category and popularity, the application allows mobile users to build up a list of Favorites, and provides them with small assistance sheets. Vite Ma Hotline relies on data collection to provide its users with precise information on the availability of customer services, and allow them to improve: after each call, mobile users can assess the waiting time and the quality of service, data which is compiled in real time by the application.

Free until July 15, Quickly My Hotline will then be available on the App Store for 2.59 euros.

quickly my hotline

CrowdRoaming, a sharing solution to connect to the Internet for free from abroad

CrowdRoaming is a free application, which allows mobile users to share their portion of their unused internet package with traveling smartphone users: a practical and economical answer to very high roaming prices.

The principle: users of CrowdRoaming can let foreigners in their country use mobile data that they haven’t consumed for free and securely. Running in the background, the application automatically searches for nearby smartphones that the user can connect to.

At present, CrowdRoaming is still in an experimental phase.