3 new applications to discover: Vimies, Peoplbrain and Mini Mobile Story

by bold-lichterman

Vimies reinvents video journalism … Peoplbrain develops knowledge sharing on mobile … Mini Mobile Story allows everyone to create their own applications and QR Codes … Focus on 3 new applications:

Vimies, a new video sharing application made in France

Video-sharing apps are in vogue, evidenced by the success of Wine, bought by Twitter at the end of 2012, and which currently has more than 13 million users on iOS.

Riding on this trend, three French people are launching the free application on the App Store next Monday Vimies, which allows you to record 30-second videos (compared to 6 on Vine and 15 on Instagram) and share them instantly on social networks. Other features are available on Vimies: color filters, addition of soundtracks and objective simulations.

Finally, noting that a large part of the videos taken up by the press agencies come from smartphones, the co-founders wished to optimize this application for mobile video micro-journalism, by focusing on speed.

Peoplbrain makes it easy to create and share tutorials on mobile and on the web

Released on June 24, the application for iPhone Peoplbrain is part of the trend of collective intelligence and the sharing of knowledge. It allows its users to easily create and share illustrated tutorials on topics ranging from IT to decoration, fashion and leisure. These tutorials can be created from the iPhone application or from the website Peoplbrain.fr. Likewise, they can be shared on blogs, sites and other forums.


Mini Mobile Story democratizes the creation of applications and QR codes

Dedicated to professionals and individuals, the Mini Mobile Story online application allows them to create mobile content themselves and generate the associated QR codes. Born from the observation that most QR codes refer to poorly optimized content for smartphone screens, Mini Mobile Story is a tool accessible to all, allowing non-IT specialists to create their own application. Free, the tool is currently available in beta on minimobilestory.com. A premium version should see the light of day in the coming weeks, offering its subscribers more advanced features.