3 new applications to discover: UniversCiné, BPeek and Capturio

by bold-lichterman

The classics of indie cinema on Android tablet or mobile thanks to the application UniversCine… Make ends meet thanks to the missions offered by BPeek on smartphone … Capturio prints and delivers photos taken on iPhone anywhere in the world … Focus on three new applications.

UniversCiné weaves its webs on mobile

UniversCine, a VoD specialist in independent cinema is launching its application on Android smartphones and tablets which allows you to rent (between 3.99 and 4.99 euros) or buy (between 7.99 and 14.99 euros) nearly 2,400 references and have access to a set of editorial content (news, reviews and interviews) on all your mobile devices.
Available free of charge on Google Play, the application makes it possible to download works on a medium (PC, mobile or tablet) and to consult them, including offline, on any other medium where it is installed. The first download is free.


BPeek democratizes data collection

As the data market stirs the greed of the web’s greats, BPeek made the bet to use mobile users to carry out this collection. Every day, users of the BPeek application have access to local missions (photographing a window, a product, testing a service, etc.) and to be paid if the result is deemed satisfactory by the temporary employer.


Capturio, and your photos come true

Capturio is an application available on iOS that allows you to print and deliver from your smartphone your photos published on Facebook or Instagram.
For just over 50 cents per print, Capturio delivers your photos free of charge to 220 countries and within two weeks, with the option of adding a personalized message to the envelope. 5 impressions offered from 10 impressions purchased with the promo code: CAPTURIOPHOTO