3 new applications to discover: Calendo, Grooblin and CheckMyApps

by bold-lichterman

Be alerted to events not to be missed thanks to Calendo… participate remotely in your favorite events with Grooblin… Ensure that you download only secure applications thanks to CheckMyApps… Focus on 3 new applications:

Calendo, the smart calendar finally available in French version

The new Calendo “smart calendar” application has just been translated into French. Edited by the start-up of the same name, based in Tel Aviv, Calendo relies on the Facebook data of its users to suggest events. Available on iPhone and iPad, the application begins by listing the user’s interests based on the pages that the user has liked. Calendo then generates alerts on events, parties and other activities related to these interests, and also integrates the events of the user’s friends into these alerts.


Grooblin: remotely attend your favorite events on iPhone

Available on iOS, the Grooblin application allows its users to virtually attend a variety of events around the world. With Grooblin, mobile users are connected to live videos of festivals, concerts and conferences of their choice, and can also easily access the conversations generated by these events. This app can be leveraged by event professionals as Grooblin is a new way to increase audience engagement before, during and after the event. On April 30, Grooblin won the Startup World Paris competition.

CheckMyApps ensures the security level of your applications on smartphones and tablets

CheckMyApps is a tool similar to Lookout, making it possible to analyze the level of security of applications present on users’ smartphones and tablets. The principle is as follows: when the user downloads an application, it is analyzed by the behavioral analysis engine of CheckMyApps, which instantly sends a safety report to the user. This report focuses on three areas: security, privacy, and the risk of financial loss. Completely free, the CheckMyApps application is available on Google Play and on the Amazon Appstore.