3 French start-ups innovating with blockchain

by bold-lichterman

Alexander StashchenkoFrenchweb : Is the French blockchain lagging behind internationally?

Alexander Stashchenko, co-founder of Blockchain France : She has a slight delay, but not irremediable. We have a smaller but also more active ecosystem. For example, Stephan Tual compared the slack of Slock.it, where there were more than 3,000 people, at the French-speaking slack of CryptoFR, in which there were 250 people, but more messages exchanged. He also told us that from his point of view, French is by far the second language of blockchain on the Internet. From the point of view of skills, I also think that France has nothing to be ashamed of: in IT, in cryptography, as thinkers of complex systems, we are well supplied, and recognized worldwide.

What does France lack to compete with Hong Kong and the United States?

I don’t know if France “lacks” things to resemble Hong Kong or the United States. These countries are getting ahead because their mentality is far more liberal, so a libertarian currency is more in their DNA from the start.

Generally speaking, these are places where FinTech investments are colossal, and therefore “blockchainers” go there to take advantage of them. In France, what is lacking is a certain coordination of an atomized ecosystem and recognition by the public authorities (in particular regulation).

Which French start-ups have the leadership or are ahead of the blockchain level?

Bitcoin start-ups, since they are older: Ledger and Paymium for example. On the blockchain, Stratumn is the first to have raised funds. But there are also other great projects: Ledgys, Woleet, DAISEE, Czam, Wekeep for example. The rest is a nascent ecosystem.