[3 applications à découvrir] Pressgram, Velibobo and Sejourning

by bold-lichterman

Pressgram, the photo app for bloggers … Vélibobo optimizes the Vélib ‘service … Sejourning released an app for iPhone only.

[h2]Pressgram, the Instagram of WordPress bloggers[/h2]

They weren’t necessarily expecting it, but bloggers have their Instagram, and it’s called Pressgram.

Available for free on the App Store, Pressgram works almost like Instagram, since it allows you to add filters and the like to your photos, and to share them with the community. Except that the community in question is only made up of WordPress users.

Via Pressgram, they are redirected to the blogs of those whose photos they are viewing, thereby generating traffic. A wordpress plugin is however available to those who post a lot of photos but do not wish to make it the central activity of their blog. The advantage of Pressgram: a copyright that appears discreetly at the bottom of each photo.

Pressgram is the work of John Saddington, an Atlanta entrepreneur ex-Instagramer, also seasoned blogger. The idea came to him to create this tool by noting that he did not have control over the entire trajectory of the photos he took (modification, sharing etc.).

As his portrait explains executed by Forbes, Saddington then launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, a campaign with a large surplus, and slept little. Pressgram was born on September 5, on the App store.

[h2]Velibobo, the app that diagnoses vélibs in Paris[/h2]


Created by two great regulars of vélib ‘- the rental bikes of the city of Paris – Velibobo is a free application that allows Parisian cyclists (or not) to check the condition of a vélib ‘before removing it from a terminal, and to share their opinion on a particular bike with the community.

To do this, they need to enter the number of the chosen bike. If the bike has never been listed by Velibobo, this is the opportunity to provide information on its condition and give it a nickname. If it has already been identified and assessed, choosing the right bike is even faster for the cyclist. It is also possible to mark HS bikes. The results are directly accessible by the departments responsible for the management of the bicycles, which can then do the necessary.

A real tool to optimize the bicycle rental service of the city of Paris, Velibobo was rewarded in July 2013 during the competition – organized among others by the town hall of Paris – Moov’in the city. It is available on Android and ios.

[h2]The free Sejourning app[/h2]

In order to face the stiff competition from the American Airbnb, the French Sejourning develops its mobile offer and launches its application for iPhone. Free, it allows those who want to rent accommodation in France to carry out the operation from their iPhone.

A priori nothing very different from the Sejourning site, except that it accelerates the search and rental process for users who no longer have to wait to be in front of their computer to book accommodation.


The application’s own push system also goes in this direction, by alerting the user to new announcements corresponding to their search, for example.

It also allows users who are not registered on Sejourning to consult offers via an FB login.

Unlike its US competitor, Sejourning does not foresee anything on the other hand for Android owners, except the establishment of a communication system by SMS between owners and tenants … which implies a passage forgotten by the site web beforehand, to view the ads.