[3 applications à découvrir] Keyme, Quip and UberHype

by bold-lichterman

KeyMe or the answer to key problems … Who P, the “Word” for tablets … UberHype, the music reflex on smartphone.

[h2]KeyMe, the key to the problem[/h2]

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KeyMe is one of those applications that should have been invented a long time ago. Launched in 2013, it allows keys to be scanned “just in case”.

In the event of loss, all you have to do is present the photograph of your key to the locksmith for the locksmith to reproduce it.

Free, available on iOS or Android, KeyMe was created by Greg Marsh, one of the co-founders of OneFineStay, who was obviously tired of being locked out.

Its application does not only store digital keys. It also allows you to share them by email, to give the alert if you find yourself outside your home without keys, and to locate the nearest locksmith.

Please note, if the application is not chargeable, the locksmith must have a KeyMe license and will request a royalty in addition to his fees.

[h2]Facebook alumnus creates Quip, the Word for tablets [/h2]

During this back-to-school period, an application like Quip can still be useful: it offers a “new generation” word processor. Not really a luxury, when you consider that this tool has not changed since the creation of tablets.

Photo Quip

Developed by Facebook alumnus Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, the creator of the Google App engine, Quip does away with most of the functionality of traditional word processing. For its user, it is a question of writing and editing a simple document in collaboration with other users. “As if two people were working side by side, on the same piece of paper,” the two founders explained in a press release.

In this sense, Quip synchronizes the changes made by each user to said document. A bit like a google doc, but with an additional notification system, which alerts each user of a change. It also offers a Chat tab and displays the names of logged in users.

[h2]UberHype, four-star music app [/h2]

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UberHype is the – unofficial – mobile application of the platform Hype machine, a music blog aggregator.

Like her, UberHype makes it possible to search, download and share the music of specialized bloggers, but from a smartphone.

Free and only available on Google Play, UberHype application has fully integrated the social component dear to The Hype Machine: the user can, here too, get in touch and access the playlists of his friends, then relay everything on Twitter. Notably, it is however possible for him to access the application without even creating a user account.

It also has the merit of having been beautifully designed by Dirty Water Labs, a start-up specializing in music applications based in Boston. One good point among many others that have earned UberHype a 4.13 / 5 rating from Google Play users.