$ 279: the mini price of the new Chromebook from Google and Hewlett-Packard

by bold-lichterman

Google and Hewlett-Packard announced a new 11-inch Chromebook on Tuesday. It will run under the Google Chrome operating system launched in 2009 and largely based on the browser of the same name.

Rechargeable from a single cord with a standard USB tip – just like Apple’s product suite – for an estimated battery life of six hours, this model should be marketed at the tempting price of 279 dollars for the classic version, enough to satisfy small budgets.

A 4G model should also see the light of day but the price is still not known.

If the price is indeed attractive, this new computer available in two colors – white or black – should not neglect the quality since side manufacturing quality components, in particular durable plastic, will be used.

Hardware level, the device will have a wide viewing angle of 176 degrees, a magnesium chassis and will be equipped with a Samsung dual-core Exynos processor, 2 GB of RAM and a hard drive of 16 GB. This may certainly seem low at first glance, but Google is betting on essentially dematerialized use (music, etc.) where most of the backups and uses will be done by the cloud. This new Chromebook will be available from November.

Photo credit : Google Chromebook website screenshot