2.3 billion euros for the new Toyota research center dedicated to autonomous cars

by bold-lichterman

The writing of FrenchWeb However, at the start of the year, he had promised himself to put the pedal to the wheel on this now worn-out pun, but it is clear: challenged on their own ground by new entrants like Tesla, Waymo or Uber, historic automakers are indeed stepping up on the autonomous car.

The automotive giant Toyota has announced the creation of a joint venture, with two equipment manufacturers Denso and Aisin Seiki (who also have Toyota in their capital). The Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development (TRI-AD) will thus aim to develop autonomous driving software.

90% owned by Toyota

The Tokyo-based company, which will have some 1,000 employees, will be 90% owned by Toyota, Denso and Aisin Seiki, also distributing the remaining 10%. About 300 billion yen (2.3 billion euros) will be devoted to the project.

In 2016, Toyota announced the creation of the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), with a billion dollars in budget, dedicated to artificial intelligence and robotics. The manufacturer has also entered into partnerships with Microsoft and Uber Technologies.

The TRI investment structure also co-led a recent round of funding of $ 11.5 million to support May Mobility, an American start-up which develops autonomous shuttles.