171 French artists support copyright reform

by bold-lichterman

One hundred and seventy-one French artists and journalists, including actress Sandrine Bonnaire, designer Enki Bilal, composer and performer Jean-Jacques Goldman, electro star David Guetta and singer Louane, signed a tribune published Sunday in favor of European copyright reform, submitted to a final vote on Tuesday. This column, published in the Sunday newspaper, begins in the form of a fable entitled ” the good giants who became ogres ”: she tells how the GAFA, initially altruistic giants, have become ogres motivated by money, resistant to any form of regulation.

The text denounces the ” are dizzying ” spent by these Internet giants to fight the draft directive revising copyright. The European Parliament is due to vote on Tuesday on the final adoption of this controversial reform project, under discussion in the EU for several years. Supported by dozens of European media, including AFP, and artists, the reform aims to adapt European copyright law, which dates from 2001, a time when YouTube, Tumblr or yet Twitter did not exist. Its defenders hope to obtain fairer remuneration from the platforms that use their content, but this reform remains vigorously opposed by Internet giants like Google and supporters of a free Internet.

These opponents claim that the reform would harm creativity and free Internet. Arguments rejected by the artists who signed the platform. ” We defend the right to write our history and not to live the one that the giants have decided for us, we defend the general interest and not only private interests because we defend nothing other than our most precious common good, a certain idea of ​​democracy ”, they assure. Finally, addressing MEPs, they plead that by voting for the draft directive, they will prove that ” Europe knows how to defend the interests of its peoples better than these giants who claim to do it for them ”.