15th edition of Olivier Ezratty’s Guide to high-tech startups

by bold-lichterman

How to launch and manage my start-up? How to develop my strategy, develop myself internationally? To succeed in the adventure of web-entrepreneurship, Olivier Ezratty offers to give the keys, in the fifteenth edition of the Guide to high-tech startups, which he started writing in 2006.

15th edition of Olivier Ezrattys Guide to high tech startupsForty additional pages complete the guide on aspects related to recruitment, sales and marketing, internationally with a focus on establishing in the USA. But also legal advice, mistakes to avoid, and a chapter on crisis management.

The Guide to high tech startups, available on the blog Free opinions from the author, is 100% free. It is open to external contribution. About fifteen players in the ecosystem – consultants, stakeholders, researchers and others – have also enriched the guide with multiple recommendations. The 244-page book can be easily read with a summary, a glossary, a lexicon etc …

Marion Moreau met him.

Olivier Ezratty is a consultant for many companies, and notably supports various startups such as Business Angel. He spent fifteen years at Microsoft France in business development. Specialist in technology watch, R&D audit and definition of product strategies, Olivier Ezratty is also a temporary professor at Ecole Centrale Paris. He is also one of the Experts of Frenchweb.