$ 105 million for WePiao, China leads the way in mobile ticketing

by bold-lichterman

To find out what will land in the West, it is sometimes enough to look to the East. In terms of instant messaging applications, for example, some, widely used in China such as QQ and WeChat, increasingly include additional services. And this is not about to stop.

For example, the cinema ticketing start-up Beijing Weiying Technology has just raised 105 million dollars according to the specialized site QQ Tech. Among the investors: Tencent, owner of WeChat, Asian investment funds including Wenzi Huasha (focused on cinema) and Wanda Group, one of the largest Chinese film companies. This start-up publishes the WePiao application, available through WeChat and QQ. It allows you to buy cinema tickets by paying directly through the application. The acquisition of a stake in Tencent demonstrates the group’s interest in adding services of this type to its messaging application.

More and more additional services

For WeChat, including this type of additional service is a way to monetize its audience but also to retain users on its platform, rather than seeing them turn to others once they have grown tired of conversing and to play it. Similarly, the Japanese Line application includes more and more additional services useful in daily life (ordering taxis, food, music in streaming).

Another example showing how far Asians are ahead in the use made of messaging applications. When in the United States or Europe, we are just starting to consider including a payment method in Facebook Messenger. It must be said that on 5 most used social platforms in the world, 3 are Chinese. A number of users who encourage them to push further in terms of uses.

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