100 tips for a successful growth hacking strategy

by bold-lichterman

How can a start-up which, by definition, have limited financial and human resources, quickly reach a large number of potential users? Thanks to growth hacking, this discipline at the crossroads of marketing and web development, which aims to rapidly and significantly accelerate the growth of a company.

Wishpond, a software publisher specializing in book lead generation, in a presentation published last May a series of 100 tips on the subject from his own experience. How, in the space of five years, has the company exceeded the threshold of 250,000 unique visitors per month to its blog and 300,000 accounts created? Above all by adopting a culture of trial and test, according to the authors of the presentation.

  1. Hide retargeting cookies on your site for 45 seconds.

  2. Use forms that pre-populate with the information you know about your users.

  3. Include “human errors” in your mailings (for example, send a second mailing a few minutes after a first mailing, entitled Oops, I forgot the attachment “).

  4. Configure the sending of automatic SMS when a customer shows his interest in your product (these have an open rate of 98%).

  5. Add a profile picture on Google to increase the open rate of your emails.

  6. Get involved in linkedin communities, or others.

  7. Turn your Error 404 pages into landing pages.

  8. Add testimonials to your site’s landing pages.

  9. Use the hashtag #growthhacking on Twitter.

  10. Create your own slideshares on subjects that you master to capture traffic.

SEE the full presentation:

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