100 French FinTechs who want to develop new financial services

by bold-lichterman

On the occasion of its Fintech Special Week, Frenchweb took an interest in French companies trying to meet the expectations of individuals and professionals using new tools.

In 2016, $ 24.7 billion was invested in the fintech sector globally, according to the report Pulse of Fintech produced by KPMG. This is nearly 50% less than in 2015, underline the authors of the report, who see it as a sign of investor concern about the impact of Brexit and the US election on the sector. And for good reason, the number of operations only dropped slightly over the period, from 1,255 fundraising in 2015 to 1,076 in 2016.

French fintechs raised 162 million euros in 2016, according to the results of the indicator FrenchWeb Invest of the year, making it the sixth most attractive sector for investors. Which booming companies are using the power of digital to innovate in the finance sector?

First observation, B2C services, such as Personal Finance Management (PFM) applications that allow you to manage your budget, online payment services or even insurance seem to be more developed than B2B services. Then, certain areas are developing, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also financial investment advice. Big Data and machine learning are all innovations that make it possible to provide real-time information to investment professionals. Finally, crowdfunding platforms remain very numerous in France, especially those based on the investment model.

Our selection of 100+ French Fintechs.

Photo credit: Pexel

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