10 tech trends to watch in 2015

by bold-lichterman

What should you invest in to be on top in 2015? What will be the key technologies? As at the beginning of every fall, the Gartner firm has just drawn up a list of 10 technologies that it considers likely to have a considerable impact on production methods. However, they will not all be adopted at the same speed.

Three themes emerge: the fusion of the real and virtual worlds, omnipresent intelligence thanks to data analysis and the technological impact of digital on companies. Here are the 10 trends that will matter in the next 3 years according to Gartner:

The omnipresence of IT

As mobile devices continue to proliferate, addressing the needs of the mobile user in various contexts and environments becomes essential.

Internet of things

Four priorities: knowing how to manage, monetize, exploit and extend the world of connected objects.

3d printing

It will reach a tipping point by 2017. The cost of equipment is expected to drop and industrial use will increase considerably.

Deep data analysis

The automatic collection and analysis of data will continue to develop possibilities in many areas (marketing, health, sport, security, etc.).

Responsive systems depending on the context

The omnipresence of on-board intelligence combined with data analysis will lead to the development of systems that are attentive to their environment and capable of responding appropriately in an autonomous manner.

Intelligent machines

Prototypes of autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants and intelligent advisers already exist. They will continue to evolve rapidly. The era of intelligent machines will be the biggest upheaval in the history of computing.

Cloud computing

Mobile and cloud technology will continue to converge, with the growing development of coordinated applications centrally available on any device.

Flexible infrastructure and application

The programming of technological infrastructures and applications must be agile so that companies can enjoy the flexibility necessary to operate in the digital age.

Information technologies on a web scale

Cloud service providers provide the framework: we must now think of applications and infrastructures at the scale of the web, globally, like what GAFA do.


The security of technologies is an essential stake for the future, it must be ensured so that no obstacle is imposed on the path of progress. Nevertheless, companies are forced to find that achieving a 100% secure environment is very difficult. Once this is done, they must assess the risks and provide sophisticated tools to mitigate them.

Top10TechTrends_2015-gartner 2

In the end, we notice the omnipresent and invisible trend of these technologies. They should bring improvements in terms of life expectancy, shopping experience, etc.