10 tech trends seen by Deloitte

by bold-lichterman

Deloitte unveiled the results of its study yesterday “Tech Trends»On the evolution of technologies at the service of the company.

According to the research firm, a lasting change of the company and its environment is now made possible thanks to the convergence of 5 “forces”: data analysis, mobility, social, cloud and cyber- intelligence, as well as the ability to implement them in an integrated manner. Here are the ten trends selected by Deloitte that are likely to have a significant impact on businesses in the next two years:

  • The CIO (Director of Information Systems), a post-digital catalyst.

If he manages to seize the potential offered by digital innovation, the CIO will change the nature of his relationship with the professions. It will bring growth opportunities and it will enhance the impact of digital solutions on businesses rather than having an approach based on technical constraints.

  • Think ‘mobile’ (and beyond).

Faced with the explosion of smartphones and tablets in consumer societies, the mobile initiatives of companies continue to gain momentum. They aim to rethink company boundaries, strengthen consumer engagement and reexamine business methods.

  • “Social reengineering”, reinvent the way of working.

Through the use of networks and social media, the barriers limiting the potential and performance of each employee are falling. An overhaul of working methods and levers for creating value in companies is thus becoming possible, with new platforms enabling renewed social interaction and reducing the weight of frozen processes and old standards.

Design must be understood as a discipline in its own right in the organization of the company, where the challenge is to think of the solution so that it is intuitive, pleasant to use and that it fulfills its primary objectives with efficiency.

  • IPv6: this time it’s the right one!

The announced shortage of public IP addresses should push companies to tackle IPv6 now.

  • Make sense of data.

In a world where any object can now be connected, the potential for exploiting data is expanding day by day. Companies must face up to this by acquiring specific skills and adopting a “Data” culture internally.

  • Work is caught up in the game!

Gamification can promote engagement and change the behavior of employees, customers and suppliers, creating new ways to achieve goals.

  • Reinvent the ERP engine.

Deloitte recommends that companies consider the technology platform migrations offered by publishers, not as a simple improvement in processing times, but as an opportunity to transform their business process.

  • No one is safe from piracy.

Every business must take steps to deal with hacking: change its defenses, be more proactive in the face of the threat, and react more quickly once the attack has occurred; it must strive to anticipate and prevent piracy, while being prepared to isolate and identify intrusions, so as to minimize their impact.

  • The IT department, a company in its own right.

Like a full-fledged company, the IT department must manage its finances, its human resources, its customers, its services, right down to marketing. This internal transformation is necessary to allow it to fully fulfill its role as a catalyst for a digital transformation of the entire organization.

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