10 sectors impacted by the AI ​​revolution in Asia

by bold-lichterman

For a large majority of senior executives based in Asia, the development of artificial intelligence will mean better competitiveness in their sector as well as for their company, according to the report “Asia’s Artificial Intelligence Agenda » made by the MIT Technology Review. The expected impact is greatest in the industrial sector, as well as in transport and logistics. With an average score of 4.1 out of 5, the information and communication technologies sector is also strongly affected.


Half of the leaders have investment projects

However, executives admit that they are only at the beginnings of artificial intelligence, with 38% having already made investments in this field, all geographic areas combined, and 13% who have invested more particularly in Asia. Half of the professionals questioned declare that they have investment projects in artificial intelligence, without specifying the horizon or the geographical area. In robotics, on the other hand, 43% of respondents say they have no investment project.

For 70% of human resources professionals, artificial intelligence and robotics will rhyme with the disappearance of certain professions within 5 years on the one hand, and with the repositioning of the remaining jobs on the other hand. They expect to see their own role evolve, to eventually integrate “artificial talent management” issues for two-thirds of them.


Only managers with a financial profile remain skeptical about this technological advance, unconvinced of its potential to improve the profits of their company.

** The MIT Technology Review surveyed 60 senior executives working in Asia to find out their perceptions of how artificial intelligence and robotics will transform their business. At the same time, 12 HR professionals were also questioned about the impact of these technologies on jobs in the region. Finally, a series of more in-depth interviews were conducted with specialists in artificial intelligence (technological experts, investors, etc.).

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