10 professional mobile apps to optimize your time

by bold-lichterman

Appointment booking, project management, collaborative work, monitoring and animation of social networks, optimization of its messaging … Frenchweb offers you a list of 10 professional applications that could facilitate your daily tasks. The details.


Project management

1. Evernote


Launched in 2008, Evernote is presented as a notes and memos app. Available on iPhone, iPad and from a browser, the tool allows you to take notes, take screenshots of articles or even create “to-do lists”. Free, the application also allows you to synchronize your activity on all devices. A premium version allows you to access your notes in offline mode and offers the possibility to other users to edit your own notes. The paid version is marketed at $ 5 per month or $ 45 annually.

On the occasion of LeWeb’12, Phil Libon, CEO of Evernote, announced the launch of Evernote business, a new feature for collaborative work in the office. This new option allows users, for example, to see their colleagues’ notes on a subject. Find the interview here.

In addition, for a few days the French Azendoo has integrated the Evernote notes in its interface in order to offer the possibility to its users to easily share content with several and to organize it in dedicated collaboration spaces. Internet users can now share their personal Evernote and Evernote Business notes directly from an Azendoo message or task, and save their personal or project lists to their Evernote notebook with one click.

Last December, Evernote claimed 45M users worldwide.

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2. Basecamp


Launched in 2004, the Basecamp project management platform recently acquired a mobile application on iOS. This new tool therefore makes it possible, from your iPhone, to access and control all of your Basecamp projects, to exchange views with colleagues, to view your tasks and to manage your “to-do lists”. The application also allows you to attach files and finally read and add comments.

The only drawback identified is that the projects created before the 2012 redesign are not compatible with the application. In addition, the use of the application requires the existence, in advance, of a Basecamp account. Four subscription plans, ranging from $ 20 to $ 150 per month, are available.

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3. Ultralingua Dictionary


Presented as an ultra-comprehensive dictionary, this application offers multiple features:

  • Translation of words or expressions in a foreign language.
  • Spelling mistakes detection.
  • Conjugation of irregular verbs.
  • Examples of the use of very technical or on the contrary very familiar expressions.

In total, nearly 15 dictionaries, offering all of these functions, are available (French-English, Spanish-English, Italian-English, French-German, Spanish-German, French-Portuguese, etc.).

A free application allows you to test these services. Dictionaries are then available from € 17.99.

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Social Media

5. Tweetbot


Tweetbot presents itself as a complete Twitter client for iPhone. Marketed € 2.69, the application allows for example to replace, very easily, a main thread by one of its lists, to personalize its navigation thanks to dedicated tabs or to use shortcuts thanks to practical and configurable manipulations .

Only available on the App Store, the application is also compatible with third-party services, such as Read it Later, Instapaper and Cloudapp. Tweetbot finally offers classic features such as saving drafts, adding photos and videos or even a geolocation system.

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6. LinkedIn


Available on Google Play and the App Store, the LinkedIn application includes the main functionalities offered by the professional social network.

  • Added new relationships.
  • Calendar synchronization with viewing of LinkedIn profiles for upcoming appointments.
  • Modification of the profile.
  • Access to the latest news.
  • Interaction with different groups.
  • Content sharing.
  • Access to company profiles.

Very classic, the tool makes it easy to maintain your network.

Download the app on the app store and Google play.

7. Facebook Pages Manager

the App Store and Google play.


8. Hello Evernote


Put an end to the business card puzzle. Here, in short, is the objective of the Hello application developed by Evernote. Free, the application allows users to manage the history of all their meetings carried out in a professional setting. Hello makes it possible in particular to group together in a chronological interface: the history of meetings, the details of these (place, notes, photos) and to connect to people met via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Unveiled during LeWeb 2011, the application therefore offers the possibility of recontextualizing each meeting and associating its contacts with its Evernote notes. The application thus allows you to classify your contacts according to the meeting place.

A recent update to Hello also offers mobile users the possibility of scanning business cards to automatically create a contact in the application. The profile is then filled in directly using the information available on the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The application also offers a chat option that allows information to be instantly exchanged between users.

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Mail management

9. Mailbox


Officially launched at the beginning of February, the Mailbox application was developed by the start-up Orchestra. Presented as an email client, the application could well do well thanks to its very pragmatic approach. Indeed, Mailbox applies the “GTD” principle to emails, which consists of optimizing time management.

Concretely, thanks to this free application, users can manage their messaging with just a few swipes of the fingers. A swipe to the right allows you to delete an email while a shorter swipe allows you to archive it. A movement to the left allows him to manage the processing of the email more precisely: to answer it during the day, the evening, the next day, during the week. This same movement also allows you to drag your emails into lists.

Mailbox therefore allows you to classify your emails in order of importance and not just in order of arrival. The application also has a gamification dimension and rewards its users when they respond to emails on time.

For the moment, the application is only available on the App Store and is only compatible with Gmail messaging.

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10. Sunrise


Designed by Foursquare alumni, the Sunrise application is particularly aimed at Google Calendar followers. Free, the application offers a neat interface to view all of its appointments. Synchronization with Facebook and LinkedIn, allows you to display events and birthdays recorded on the social network and the face of your next appointments.

The application also allows users to view the weather forecast based on their location and directly access Google Maps services to view a route.

The only drawback identified: the compulsory use of Facebook to connect to the service.

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4. Ted Conferences


Available on Google Play and the App Store, the TED application allows mobile users to view a series of presentations made during the various TED conferences. In total, the free application offers a catalog of nearly 1,300 interventions. Wanting to be inspiring, all the “Tedtalks” are offered with subtitles to make it easier for users to understand. New content is added every week.

Download the app on Google pay or the app store.