10 key trends in digital transformation within 4 years

by bold-lichterman

A majority of companies will have fully integrated digital into their strategy within 4 years, according to the results of “IDC FutureScape Report“. As a direct consequence of this phenomenon, the world economy will enter what the American research firm calls the era of “DX Economy”(The economy of digitization for IDC, editor’s note).

How will this acceleration of digital transformation translate into concrete terms for companies? Overview of the 10 major trends to watch over the next 4 years.

Cloud, AI and virtual reality: the big winners in digital transformation

  • Investments carried out by companies to support digital transformation projects should increase by 60% by 2019, to reach $ 2.2 trillion, for the authors of the study.
  • In 2019, three quarters of IT investments will be in technologies that create interdependence, such as mobile, cloud, big data or IoT.

  • It is more precisely the cloud that should be the big winner of this digitalization of the economy, with 67% of IT budgets will be allocated to offers in the cloud within 4 years.

  • In 2019, 40% of digital transformation projects will include an artificial intelligence component to make the best use of all the data collected by companies. As a direct consequence, three quarters of development teams will integrate AI skills.

  • From next year, 30% of the largest B2C companies should integrate virtual reality and augmented reality into their marketing strategy. In 2021, these new technologies should be massively adopted according to IDC estimates.

  • The number of collaborative platforms in the cloud is expected to increase threefold in the next two years, to reach 450 platforms. In 2020, 8 out of 10 large groups will be digital service providers, thanks to these platforms.
  • In terms of internal organization, 7 out of 10 large groups will have formed a team dedicated to their digital transformation by 2017. To be able to adapt quickly enough to changes in their markets, they will have to multiply by 2 or even 3 the size of their development teams within 2 years.. A sizeable challenge in the face of the difficulty of recruiting and retaining these technical profiles.

  • Now until 2020, 70% of cloud service providers’ revenues will be generated through intermediaries and partners.

  • In 4 years, companies will use completely different benchmarks to measure their performance, which include KPIs specific to digital. The authors of the study believe thatat least a third of the companies that are currently leaders in their sector will fail to meet their new performance targets.

  • Finally, by 2020, the first fully integrated e-health devices should see the light of day. In the mid-2020s, offers related to “augmented humanity” are expected to be commonplace, according to the study’s authors.

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