10 figures on the deployment of e-health in France

by bold-lichterman

2016 promises to be a promising year for the e-health sector, if we are to believe the first fundraising announced by players in the sector since the start of the year: 12 million euros raised by My doctor, start-up specializing in making medical appointments, € 1.3 million for the Neosanté Group (which markets equipment for home care), and a funding round of 1.2 million for the company MesDocteurs.com, medical tele-advice platform.

The study “E-health: making the French offer emerge by meeting the present and future needs of health players” of the CEO and published at the beginning of the month makes it possible to draw up an inventory of the e-health sector in France.

E-health in France

  • The potential of the e-health market is estimated between 2.2 and 3 billion euros per year (health software weighs for 1.5 billion euros)

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