10 Experts Publish Collaborative White Paper on Cloud Computing

by bold-lichterman

“How do you succeed in the cloud? ” This is the title of the new collaborative white paper that the web marketing agency 360 has just published. PowerOn, in partnership with Salesforce.

49 pages long, this book brings together the vision of 10 industry experts. Among them: Loic Rivière (AFDEL), Harold Paris (HaroldParis.fr), Olivier Ezratty (Coach Startup), Olivier Nguyen Van Tan (Salesforce) or even Mark Robinson (Kimble), Nicolas Martignole (Touilleur Express) and Antoine Cabot (Haploid ), to only cite a few.

10 Experts Publish Collaborative White Paper on Cloud Computing

After a preface written by Loïc Rivière de l’Afdel, the publication offers a first introduction to the world of cloud computing, developed by Harold Paris. Olivier Ezratty then dwells on the question of types of accommodation. Also on the menu: “The advantages of Cloud Computing to launch a startup”, “Cloud and mobile”, “The developer’s vision in relation to the Cloud” or “Cloud computing to accelerate the start of a business”.

In order to deepen the analyzes developed in this book, the PowerOn agency is offering a web conference, around this theme, which will take place at the beginning of next July.

The white paper is downloadable free.