$ 1 million in revenue in 20 days on the Mac App Store for Pixelmator

by bold-lichterman

The retouching tool Pixelmator, present from the opening of Mac App Store proudly announces having generated a turnover of $ 1 million in just 20 days!

The English developers of the software have made and succeeded the daring bet of an exclusive distribution on the Apple platform 1 million in revenue in 20 days on theand have benefited from an apple highlight on the Mac App Store among the recommended applications.

Even if Apple’s commission is 30%, the million dollars collected generates for its publishers an income of nearly € 500,000, not bad!

Sold for 23.99 €, Pixelmator will go to version 2.0 later this year, a version that will be offered to those who have purchased the software on the Mac App Store.