$ 1 million for Actvt and its automatic video editing tool

by bold-lichterman

Faced with the surge in the number of hours of video recorded by mobile users, Actvt offers users to keep only the best moments. The start-up has developed an application that allows mobile users to keep only the best passages of their mobile videos or videos shot from a camera. To do this, the Internet user connects to his video content from his phone and indicates, with a simple click, the moments he wishes to keep. The application then automatically generates a video montage.

Beyond its tool, the start-up also offers a social platform where users can group together and subscribe to each other according to their areas of interest. Based in San Francisco and Paris, the start-up, which launched in June 2015, has forged partnerships with camera manufacturers and athletes in order to make itself known. “Actvt is a point of creation and sharing”, explains Alexander Casassovici, the founder.

To accelerate, Actvt has just raised 1 million dollars (approximately 917,000 euros) from CapDecisif Management and a business angel from the IT-Angels network, supported by the BPI. More details with Alexander Casassovici, the founder of Actvt.